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The F4U Corsair’s Tri-Color paint scheme

Update on “Sundown for Bougainville Corsairs.”

I’ve applied the tri-color paint scheme of the F4U-1a Corsair. The standard US Navy tri-color painting scheme is: Non Specular Sea Blue, Intermediate Blue and Non Specular White.

For Kepford’s famed #29 the lighter Intermediate Blue forward of the leading edge of the wing on the fuselage didn’t arch up and over like it does on aft of the wing. Some of the Corsairs from VF-17 did have a larger swath of the lighter blue color on the cowling. Kepford’s plane most likely went through several variations, this tri-color was perhaps the most famous paint scheme for Navy fighters in the Pacific Air War.

Applying the Tri-Color paint scheme on Kepford’s #29 Corsair.

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