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1:350 Polar Lights Enterprise Refit built

It’s time to build this. Been two years since I got it for my birthday, it’s going to be tough, it’s going to be tedious, but it needs to be built. 1:350 Scale Polar Lights Enterprise Refit.

To start off, here’s an animation someone made that is very close to the original movie.

Currently, I am working on the shuttle/cargo bay. I am modeling the Refit as shown in Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn.  “No…A, B, C, or D”

Below is the live-action set for the inside of the Enterprise refit shuttlebay.
Here is some shots of the shuttlebay in progress.  Adding photo-etch parts.   Railings should be bent slightly as shown in the movie.
I merged my sci-fi modeling blog into this StratoArt blog and my posts of my progress on the Enterprise were deleted but I’ll be uploading them shortly as I’m starting on the kit afresh.
Yeah, I really need to redo the cargo train containers.  I was being a bit hasty and didn’t double check against the production models seen in the film.  You can see more photo-etch detail on the two travel pods and the windows, which will be punched out to show a room on either side of the shuttlebay.
(below) shows photo-etch detail of the interior of the shuttlebay as seen in STTMP.  I think the turbolift tubes are upside down, but you know what?  It doesn’t matter cause you can’t see the tops and bottoms of them when this is all buttoned up.  I really am wanting to get my hands on the photoetch details from PNT, but they say they are out of stock. I wrote them an email to see when they can get a new batch in.  It would be mighty nice to have that photo-etch detail too.

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